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Natalie Meziani

Head of Production

Euan Stubbs

Digital Director


Senior Editor

Phil Wattis

Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Izabela Sikorska

Online Marketing Assistant

Jonathon Egerton

Sale Executive

Charlie Jones

Paid Ad Manager

The Connected Experiences Agency

WhiteNoise Media is a connected experiences agency, based in the city centre of Manchester and serving clients globally. Our forward-thinking, boundary-pushing, target-smashing individuals come together to make our team one of the strongest you’ll find. Proud to craft moving stories through creative and dynamic content, this boutique agency has gained a strong reputation as a leading provider of professional video, digital campaigns and innovative solutions for brands and agencies. From 6 second bumper adverts to cross-platform strategies, we can work with you to create any concept – no matter how ambitious. We are modern, we are creative, we know our Comic Sans from our Helvetica, we’ve worked in TV, we’ve worked outside TV and we are digitally savvy.

We love what we do and so do our clients

With ambition in every project we do, we like to work without boundaries, using our data-driven system to refine our creative ideas. With nothing to stop us, we can aim as high as we want.

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