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WhiteNoise was founded on passion, creativity and data marketing.

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Moving stories, driven by data.

David Lynch once said: “Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.”


We don’t work like the others. Our system uses data algorithms to refine who your audience is before we even put pen to paper. We then base our creative on these personas, meaning that our ideas are all pulled from the deepest part of the water.


We think laterally to push your project forwards, and we walk alongside you every step of the way. From creative concept through to the final deliverables, we’re here, keeping a loving eye on everything.

Our forward-thinking, boundary-pushing, target-smashing individuals come together to make our team one of the strongest you’ll find.


We are modern, we are creative, we know our Comic Sans from our Helvetica, we’ve worked in TV, we’ve worked outside TV and we are digitally savvy.


Using our years of experience across multi-channel digital campaigns, our bespoke approach breaks the boundaries of traditional promotional content.



Born to create content; data marketing in our blood.



WhiteNoise Media is a multi award-winning video production agency, based in the city centre of Manchester and serving clients globally.


Proud to craft moving stories through creative and dynamic content, this boutique agency has gained a strong reputation as a leading content creator of TV commercials to online professional video content.


From 6 second bumper adverts creation to cross-platform content strategies, we have worked with small and the very large to deliver ambitious projects.



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Behavioural by WhiteNoise is a marketing product exploring how people buy online. It allows brands and agencies to be more integrated into how they plan marketing campaigns, bringing them a higher end goal.


We now know from our experience that producing creative without data behind it is a waste of our marketing budgets.


At Behavioural by WhiteNoise, we use data first then base the creative on what this tells us.


We put the brand in control, allowing you to pinpoint the following: age, gender, geo-location, interests, custom audiences, ad placements, devices used.


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CEO & Founder

Lee Holdsworth

Head of Production

Natalie Meziani



Film Crew

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Key Facts about WhiteNoise Media


We’re an award-winning boutique video production agency based in the heart of Manchester; helping clients globally.


Our mission is to turn brands into publishers through the use of video content so they can grow audiences, nurture advocates and win new customers.


We create engaging, meaningful content, not content to fill space.


We work with some amazing brands. We’re dedicated to giving them a consistent tone of voice, as well as something relevant to say – every day.