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Success Story | Brief

To create an efficient digital campaign that raises awareness of the brand and drives enquiries.


people reached

69 x

return on ad spend


reduction in paid media

people-first approach

who they are:

Apropos are a bespoke, high-end conservatory construction company based in the North West. Their stunning structures will transform any space into a beautiful living environment, with unrivalled durability through their carefully crafted parts.


The plan:

Often there is a misconception about certain demographics and where they spend time online. There is a belief that customers of a certain age, who are buying a certain type of product – you think that they won’t purchase online, they won’t engage with online advertising and they certainly won’t pay attention to social media. Because the older generation aren’t on Facebook, right?


We used data from numerous sources to understand who our ideal customer was. We then looked at behavioural patterns of this demographic online.

Soon, we understood that we could create a multi-channel approach across mobile and desktop. It allowed us to serve relevant content at the right time on the right device.

driving success

Understanding the benefits of all digital platforms has been key in the creation of an efficient funnel.

Mobile Optimised


Our Behavioural platform has helped Apropos to significantly increase incoming leads, whilst simultaneously reducing ad spend thanks to efficient delivery of budget.

Video content was created based on the target personas 0utlined through initial social research, meaning that the content produced by us was tailored to appeal to relevant audiences.

It's a great pleasure to work with the team at WhiteNoise, we are very pleased with our campaigns but most importantly results are much higher than we set out to achieve even so we asked WhiteNoise to turn off your Behavourial marketing system as it was creating good issue and we didn't have enough staff to service the enquires.

Michael Barnes


Social Media Platforms

We used the following platforms to run this campaign