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Who they are:


Holbeck Ghyll is a luxury hotel in Cumbria, overlooking the stunning Lake Windermere. Described by The Telegraph as ‘the Lake District’s most charming hotel’, the 4-star venue boasts an award-winning fine dining restaurant, an on-site boutique spa and a complimentary bottle of local damson gin in every room. 


The plan:

Holbeck Ghyll approached us to help them reach out to a new, broader audience through the use of data-first marketing. As a traditional, intimate place, the hotel was being challenged by the digital age, and so we created a digital marketing plan that would engage with new clients.

digital first

Having used benchmarking in the travel industry and looked at brands that our target audience had in common, we were able to understand what creative resonated with them. This gave us an understanding of structure of the content we needed to produce. We understood that hotels themselves are important, but the area around the hotel was also key.

Mobile Optimised


Our first priority was to build out persona targeting to ensure maximum exposure across relevant potential customers. We did this using the following targeting options:

– existing personas from guest data

– targeting personas from competitor hotels (social listening)

– targeting frequent travellers

– creating user groups of like-minded people in terms of behaviours

– detailed retargeting lists that allow us to push conversions forward and optimise the campaign with new personas


Starting in summer 2018, we turned to digitally-targeted ads to show specific, relevant content to people in each region who matched the target persona. The first step was to place a Facebook pixel on the website to track which creative and messaging people had browsed.

When those same people visited Facebook, they were then shown carousel ads tailored to the destination, their travel dates, desired class of rooms, and even whether they were travelling with dogs.

After becoming disillusioned with agencies, we were so impressed with the data-led approach that WhiteNoise put forward. The content ideation to execution was superb and, although we are early on in our marketing plan, we have already seen some great results. We can't wait to see what the future holds in partnership with WhiteNoise.

Holbeck Ghyll Marketing Diretor

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