The Children of Generation X: Reaching Generation Z

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Just as you’ve got your head around the Millennial demographic, there’s a new consumer in town. They’re more pragmatic, they could swipe before they could talk, they’ve only ever flagged a taxi using an app, they can’t be fooled and they LOVE spending money. So with such astute senses, how can your brand reach Generation Z?


If you were born roughly between the 60s and early 80s, we’re trying to reach your children. If you can’t remember a world without Facebook, then we’re trying to reach you. While Generation X came of age alongside MTV music videos and Tarentino, the emoji-hungry Generation Z (and some of Generation Y) are more about sleeping with a smartphone next to their pillow so that they don’t miss out on any Instagram likes. Generation Y (or Millennials) were born somewhere in the 1980s to early 1990s, and Generation Z came about after the mid 1990s. Between them, they could be making up 50% (or more) of your consumer audience.


When a company executive asked marketing expert Amanda Gutterman how they could connect with Generation Z, her advice was for them to be real – “You don’t want to come onto a platform like Snapchat and be perceived as someone’s weird uncle trying to be cool”. As generations have poignantly reached the end of the alphabet, it’s time to analyse the tendencies of these emerging consumers who are finely tuned into detecting fakers, and figure out ways of cutting through their social clutter to get followed by them.


In 2015, mobile video traffic accounted for 55% of total data traffic. Data prices are getting lower, wifi is freely available in every shop, supermarket and even in some streets, and so smartphones are the place where young people are connecting with brands – no longer on the TV. Generation Y and Z watch Netflix, they play music on Spotify, they have fallen out of love with the X Factor and 10% of them have stopped watching terrestrial television altogether since 2010. So your marketing strategy needs to be outside the box – not on it.


With Generation Z, there are so many opportunities to be occupied and engaged with that your content needs to reach through at an authentic, irreverent and creative level. It’s no longer enough to just have a celebrity endorsement, the new consumers on the block want to see real people and unique brand personalities – 63% of Generation Z prefer to see an ordinary person in an advert rather than a famous one. They also want to participate more than previous generations, so think about giving your content a question, a competition or a survey as well as making a statement.




With Generation Z using more screens than ever, the overruling route into their life is via social media. If you can create social content that resonates then you’re more likely to be watched by them. As this market is online so frequently, you might want to consider having multiple creatives for one campaign which will run through the day (or week), rather than posting the same one over again as you would with a traditional TV advert. But then the next hurdle you face is making your advert not look like an advert at all. While Instagram and Snapchat support paid advertising, your success in reaching post-Millennials lies in keeping it real, with over 50% claiming that they either dislike or don’t notice sponsored adverts.


As Generation Z were born into a world where social media had already been established and developed, they are fluent in technology and are expecting you to provide them with a seamless user experience. This makes them more open to factors such as 360 video, virtual reality and augmented reality (like Pokemon GO) – if you have the facilities to create a campaign which incorporates these more advanced features then you’ll be reaching the 79% of 10 – 18 year olds who are interested in VR.


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