Revolution Beauty

video assets

Success Story | Brief

Revolution Beauty approached us to bring their new product to life - a range of body mists for their sub-brand 'I Heart Revolution'. A launch video, supported by short social teasers, was the final objective which would launch the mists. The videos also encouraged the target audience to engage with the brand through the endorsement of 5 key social influencers.





people-first approach

who they are:

I Heart Revolution is a fun, vibrant sub-brand of Revolution Beauty. Vegan and cruelty-free, this millennial-focused beauty house offers a huge range of products at affordable prices – all with cute, stylish and on-trend designs.


The plan:

We worked with Revolution Beauty to direct video content and produce a social asset kit for I Heart Revolution’s new body mist range, integrating production services with social media. The aim of the campaign was to create excitement around the launch with vibrant visuals that people would love just as much as the product itself.

digital first

Our data-first approach to video production means that we can deliver a result that is tailored to suit the specific audience, ensuring that the right people are watching our content.

Mobile Optimised


The range has five fragrance flavours, and these were each visually represented in the video by different influencers: beauty mavens @CharmieJanee (Unicorn Sparkle), @NancyDreamin (Mermaid Splash), @Mimi_Missfit (Angel Kiss), @PaigeJoanna (Pink Dream), and @SophDoesNails (Vanilla Creme Brule).

To prepare the marketing for launch, we created a full-length video in both landscape and portrait, five Instagram Stories, and three teaser edits.

Social Media Platforms

We used the following platforms to run this campaign