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From street food to haute cuisine, our content wins awards.

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Making food irresistible

WhiteNoise Media is a specialist hospitality video content agency. We plan bespoke video strategies to win the hearts and mouths of your consumers; the rhubarb to your crumble, we bring substance to your hospitality brand.


We know you have a lot on your plate, so we take the stress out of content creation. Using our advertising and production experts, we produce captivating video which competes to win the right audiences in the hospitality sector. Our approach is targeted, intelligent and always engaging.

WhiteNoise can help you differentiate from your competitors and develop your hospitality brand, with hard-hitting and irresistible video content that leaves your viewers filled with lust. Caramelised, seared, iced, minced or scrambled – we’ll capture your dish in the best possible way. With our attention to detail, we also make sure each frame is colour graded to leave a lasting impression of every single mouthful. 


Once you’re happy with your video, we take it to the next stage: optimisation. Sharing within social media means that more eyes see your video, and our digital marketing team will assess what your objectives are, research your brand and get your video in the right places.

Get them emotional about your brand

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook in the past year, you’ll know that food videos are now serious business. Everybody is dying to see a 30-second tutorial on making perfect, chewy, chocolate chip cookies. These days people need visuals in order to commit – when they can see your product, it helps them feel emotional about it. So when you’re behind the face of a hospitality brand, there’s one thing that can take you to the next level: video.


Years of building content means we have successfully produced videos for well-known brands such as Aldi, Chiquito and Revolution Bars. These videos have been proven to leave an impact on consumers.

Maybe you need to launch a training strategy to streamline your nationwide chain of restaurants; maybe you want to showcase every single beautiful item from your new menu? No problem. Our videos aim to make you stand out from the sea of other companies in the food and hospitality sector through creativity and originality.


And we’re not just interested in how many people watched your video, we also take into account how relevant those viewers are to your brand.



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