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Stepping into the future with WhiteNoise

WhiteNoise - October 23, 2016 - 0 comments

“Introducing the Stealth VR 200, a premium mobile VR headset designed to give you the perfect virtual reality experience”


In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg, talking about virtual reality, said: “One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people”. Now, in 2017, it’s possible to pick up a VR headset for under £50, making this kind of technology a mainstream commodity.  Instead of needing high spec graphics cards and powerful desktop computers, virtual reality can now be accessed using something that you have right here in the palm of your hand: your phone.


If you’re looking to stay ahead of tech trends without breaking the bank, the Stealth VR 200 virtual reality headset will take you into the future of gaming, requiring only your smartphone. Aiming to make your virtual experience completely unforgettable, this affordable headset provides a stage for your very own interactive reality.


Accessories4Technology approached WhiteNoise to create a two minute online brand video for the Stealth VR 200, complemented by a social content package containing Instagram-sized teaser edits. The footage was shot against a green screen, and visual effects were added in post production to recreate a virtual backdrop, using the Adobe Creative Suite.



The product allows the consumer to be fully immersed in the virtual world due to their 42mm lenses which give unrivalled clarity. Stealth VR 200 also has wide viewing angles, a detachable magnetic front panel for cooling purposes and easy accessibility to audio and charging ports. Compatible with almost any smartphone, the range is available in white and black with embossed paneling and a choice of a silver or red trim.


Here’s our behind the scenes edit:



And here’s the full, final video:




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