Training videos made by WhiteNoise Media have helped to up-skill staff for Thai Leisure Group.

We produced a series of key training videos that filmed staff working at their highest standard and procedures captured on camera and formed part of an online training system provided by GHT Training. Working with the Thaikun brand, we increased standards and consistency across all locations.


Training videos provide an easy way to communicate values, procedures and any other desired content while providing increased accessibility to your employees. Video is effective in every capacity of training, because it’s based on the learning process of modeling.

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Jason Almeida Thaikhun Training and Development Director said, “What WhiteNoise Media brings to the table is a point of difference, they fully understand the culture of our brand. They have produced high end marketing videos and are always looking for new creative ideas to push the boundaries… they have nailed it.”


Lee Holdsworth the founder of WhiteNoise and GHT Training said, “We are delighted to be working with such a fast growing organisation who are putting training at the forefront of their business. By producing a series of videos we can help to train existing staff and new staff coming into the business over multiple location.”