Video can communicate your company’s culture, values & energy…


Purple, the international guest WiFi, social login and location analytics platform, believes that candidates are more likely to progress along the recruitment process if they have previously seen a video showcasing their business.


Their recent recruitment drive is the result of a $5m investment announced earlier this year. The funding was led by Sir Terry Leahy, Bill Currie, Iain MacDonald and Bob Willett. It will be used to accelerate Purple WiFi’s rapid international expansion and the recruitment drive is an integral step in achieving this.



“89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn”


Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple WiFi, commented:“Using video for our recruitment drive will save us money, speed up the hiring process and attract the talented candidates we are looking for. WhiteNoise Media not only met our expectations, but exceeded what we wanted to achieve. We think the video does a brilliant job of presenting what it’s really like to work for Purple.”


WhiteNoise Media’s approach is more than just filming. We utilise social channels such as YouTube & LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Vine to increase a your reach and audience. This helps the right candidates to discover your company and engage with your brand.


Lee Holdsworth, Founder of WhiteNoise Media added: “We believe companies can effectively demonstrate their culture, values and environment using video, which in turn will attract more suitable candidates. We love working with Purple WiFi because they are a forward thinking, modern business that utilises modern technology  to communicate with potential talent out there.”


Check out the video on Purple WiFi’s careers page