Have you ever used Airbnb? Or how about Amazon? Chances are you’ll have checked out some of the reviews left by other customers, right?

In a world where advertising never leaves your side, audiences are becoming immune to traditional ads and need something that cuts through on a personal level. No more salesmen; welcome to the world of the testimonial video.


Almost 80% of online shoppers trust reviews from strangers as much as recommendations from their best friends, which means that you should be thinking about presenting a testimonial video as part of your online strategy. We’re not suggesting that you ask your friends to do a short film about how cool your old Nikes look before you put them on eBay. But we do recommend that you use positive customer experiences to really sell your business to audiences that might not have met you yet.


Video testimonials can work with any kind of product or service, but they are particularly wonderful in decoding the health and beauty industry. For example, a person deliberating over a cosmetic treatment will narrow their search to the least life-threatening options, then weigh up the pros and cons until they have a winner. So they’ve got it down to three surgeons, all offering a similar product and with similar prices – how do you make the stars align for them? You show them your brilliant customer testimonials, that’s how.


Customer testimonial videos have the highest effectiveness for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%. If you’re trying to convince someone to have their stomach cut open and bits of their own fat sucked out, then you need to have a strong case. So seeing someone else, someone normal, someone like them telling their own story about how great they feel after being under your liposuction knife – this makes them feel better, it gives you an edge over your competitors, and you’ve gained yourself a new client.


Here’s a testimonial video that we did for Paul Cambray Fitness:


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