We’d really like to congratulate one of our clients, Paul Baker, director of Modulus Management Consultancy, on completing the 2016 Virgin London Marathon.


WhiteNoise have previously worked with Modulus in creating a 2-minute promotional video to showcase the company’s breadth of services, and are continuing to work together to develop the Modulus website.


Aside from being an athlete’s 26.2-mile, cosmopolitan city paradise, the reality of the marathon for many is an aching, unrelenting test of stamina. Running for disabled childrens’ charity Whizz-Kidz, not only did Paul raise 22% over his target (£2400!), he also managed to complete the marathon within his upper time limit of 5 hours, with a finishing time of 4:59:11.


Having been inspired by the dedication and benevolence of last year’s London Marathon runners, Paul decided that it was time to give something back to those less fortunate. The London Marathon operates on a highly oversubscribed system where only a fraction of the applicants can be accepted into the event. The first London marathon took place in 1981, and things were different back then. A far cry from the original trickle of 20,000 runners, 2016 is a new beast – and one which just keeps on getting bigger. A record 247,069 people applied this year, chipping away at your chances of being accepted as a runner.


“I watched the London Marathon on TV 18 months ago and I was really inspired by all the people that were taking part. They all wanted to make a difference and help others out. I remember the Postie who had run countless marathons for charity. These people are legends. Now…I’m no legend but I do want to do my own little bit to help.” – Paul Baker


After two rejected applications, Paul was approached by Whizz-Kidz – a charity who help disabled children in the UK by providing mobility aids and advice – and he realised that he could really change lives by simply sacrificing several hours of his time.


Here’s what Paul said after completing the marathon:


“Well that’s it all done. I must say running the London Marathon has been the hardest challenge I’ve ever had to take on. I’ve found out so much about myself and what I can achieve. The atmosphere was truly amazing the whole way round. I wobbled at mile 20 and had to dig really deep to find the extra to help me to finish. I couldn’t believe by mile 22 I was running as fast as I was at the start!! Thanks to my wife Cheryl and my girls for supporting me and listening to non stop marathon conversation for the last 6 months! And the biggest shout goes out to all those that donated and supported me! Whizz-Kidz will be truly grateful.”