As a video production company, our presence is usually quite discreet. Now you will definitely see us on your social media feed.

We film things for people, we stay behind the camera and we edit alone where nobody can see. So, on Good Friday, WhiteNoise teamed up with the Easter Bunny and ran a social media competition.

We wanted to make a gesture that would get your attention, something to show you that we’re a nice bunch and really fun to work with. On the nation’s second biggest pig-out holiday of the year, we figured that the best way to everyone’s hearts would be through their favourite fondant-filled chocolate, the Cadbury Creme Egg. So we threw 88 of them in a basket and posted it all over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The aim? Guess how many eggs we’ve collected, and we’ll give them all to you.


A Creme Egg: the Steven Spielberg of chocolate; Madonna calls them ‘deadly’ because they’re just so good. We had guesses ranging from the early 30s right through to 5 million (!?), but the winner, whipping up exactly the right number, was Oakbase integrated marketing agency in Wilmslow.


WhiteNoise’s Jonny and Anna went on a road trip from Manchester to Cheshire to deliver the goods to Oakbase. They filmed their little adventure, and here’s the video: