Nobody wants to use a business that’s known for bad customer service. Have you ever thought about how video can help you to be number one?


By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key thing that differentiates brands. Customer service stretches much further than simply responding to queries on Twitter – it also lies in the amount of care you put into creating an online wonderland for your customer. The use of video can improve not only your sales, but your customer service reputation too. When your business is proactive in helping the customer enjoy a better experience, the customer then feels good and wants to come back for more.



Video will add extra dimensions to your product catalogue, allowing audiences to see inside, outside, underneath and beyond what you’re selling. If your product is something that can’t be held, then this is an even stronger reason to consider using video. Video can explain digital, scientific and technological concepts better than any piece of writing, helping the customer to understand what you do and therefore making your service better.


People have the friends that they do because they can share their favourite things with them. You need to be this exceptional friend. You can create a two-way conversation (kind of) with your customer by providing them with content that directly relates to their personality. This could be nutritional advice for a gym, makeup tutorials for a beauty salon, recipes for a restaurant – anything that your audience will be interested in, they’ll enjoy. And they’ll remember that you’ve been posting about their interests, and they’ll think about you lovingly for it.


You want all your staff to provide the same high standard of service that you taught your very first employee. But how about when your company expands so much that you don’t have time to teach everybody how you want things? Enter: the training video. Whether it’s explaining how to maintain a perfect workflow or whether it’s showing your chef exactly what to put in a dish, training staff on how to be the best at their job can only filter positive things down to the customers.


Here’s a small part of a training video series that we did for Thaikun: