Launching live video streaming to social channels

There are things happening in the world of online video that were once a distant daydream. Platforms are evolving, smartphones are eclipsing themselves, and audiences are refusing to go to sleep. Now we also have live video streaming!


Now that Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Meerkat are all fighting for the live streaming crown, it means that updates are now great, glittering presents that are too big for wrapping paper – and businesses will consequently need to dig deep to create the best content for their viewers. But while it’s brilliant that we’re now actually experiencing ‘the future’, the problem is that many people don’t really know how to use these technologies. And that’s where we come in.


Live streaming for live events delivered to social channels


By combining our video production and social media knowledge with live streaming services, we promise that you’ll have the best quality, most up-to-date output for your social feed. We want to cater for the growing demand from brands and clients for producing professional, multi-cam live broadcasts across platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. And we want to keep the North West in line with the opportunities available in London.


What we can do for your brand?



WhiteNoise can now bring you the option to live stream your video from pretty much anywhere. We’ll take you from wherever you are and put you directly onto any major social platform, using professional HD broadcast cameras and sound equipment. Coupled with our instant cloud based editor and publisher, we can push highlight clips in realtime to all social platforms.



The cost-effective service will keep your stream looking incredible. Here are some of the things we can bring you:


Using broadcast HD cameras and sound, we can offer live streaming anywhere with or without an Internet connection. Stream into any platform, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, your own website and Pay On Demand.
Ideal for: small/medium brand events, corporate communications, red carpet arrivals, breaking news flash mobs, outdoor events, sport, social events


Full production of multicamera programming, recorded and streamed to all platforms. Switch between 2-8 HD cameras, play in VTs, graphics, titles and stings.
Ideal for: music gigs, awards ceremonies, corporate communications, conferences, Q&As, sport, Pay On demand events.

Working with existing AV teams, we can push a live stream into all platforms, with or without an onsite Internet connection.


Live 360 streaming and 360 production – we can stream live 360 video direct into social platforms.


Live social editing: edit live highlight clips, animated gifs and stills from your live stream in ‘real time’. Brands with pre-roll and post-roll can publish instantly to all major social networks simultaneously.


Whatever your requirements, we will bring your live broadcast to the world in moments and on any major platform. To enquire about live streaming your event, contact WhiteNoise via our online form.