Earlier this year, Whitenoise Media were approached to create a launch video for a fashion collection from new British clothing brand ALIVEINUS.


ALIVEINUS was created by Calum Hassall from Cheshire, who launched his modern streetwear concept in July 2016. Having already launched two ranges at local clothing stores and online at their dedicated ASOS Marketplace boutique, the brand’s third range for summer 2017 is on the verge of launching. The new collection is entitled ‘Rise up’.


ALIVEINUS is not an ordinary clothing brand that we have come to expect, it represents something new, fresh but highly meaningful with a bold, emotional ethos behind it.


After working closely with the brand’s creator and managing director Calum, it is clear to see that his influences come from a tragic experience. Unfortunately, he lost his youngest brother suddenly in a road accident in 2015. The incident changed his and his family’s lives forever, but instead of channeling grief, depression and negative energy into life’s potential pitfalls, Calum focused on using it to fuel his creativity and build a legacy inspired by his brother.


ALIVEINUS was born, a statement of intent and a daily tribute for people who have lost a loved one.


‘Although he is not physically with us, his spirit is still ‘Alive In Us’ thanks to the lasting impression he’s made on all our lives. His energy and approach to life helps motivate me to make the most of each day. The brand embodies the fact that people live on, whether they are with us or not, I want to pay tribute to the way they inspire us. ALIVEINUS will speak to everyone who has ever loved and lost.’


WhiteNoise know Calum from his occupation in marketing, so we were keen to ask: why fashion?


‘I’ve always appreciated detail, design and clothing that subtly pushes boundaries. As for my career in marketing, it all started with a genuine love for brand design and creative advertising. I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry, whether it was within an existing company, opening a shop or creating a brand. After realising how short life is I thought ‘why not’, and said to myself make it happen, I’ll regret it if I don’t do it, so here we are.’


Northern Quarter

After getting to know Calum and hearing the brand’s direction, WhiteNoise jumped at the opportunity to create a 60 second video to help launch the third ALIVEINUS instalment: ‘Rise Up’.


‘Rise up reflects an attitude and mindset. A mindset to create a new future with confidence following hurt and setbacks in life. An attitude to build a better and bolder future, influenced by previous life experiences and inspired by the people that have been a part of our lives to date. Rise up also reflects where ALIVEINUS is as a brand, it’s time to move to a new level, with our visuals, quality, design of our products and scope of our brand awareness. Something we felt WhiteNoise could help with too.’


ALIVEINUS is premium quality, subtle, uncommon and modern streetwear which has been gaining quite a bit of attention with the first two ranges selling out. It is a clothing brand which focuses on living and loving life right now in the present moment, which is a statement that we all (at WhiteNoise) strongly live by and believe in.


To bring Calum’s image to life we took to the streets of Manchester, along with model Matt York, to create something special for him. We based our filming locations around the Northern Quarter, down intricate, fun, quirky streets, alleys and even on top of car parks to convey the ethos Calum so strongly believed in. During the shoot we had exclusive access to the new designs and clothing Calum is so excited to be releasing this summer. It certainly isn’t something to miss out on!


Here’s a little look behind the scenes of our shoot. Keep an eye out for the full video later this month.




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