Over the past few years, video marketing has gone from a nice-to-have to an absolute must have. And by the end of 2017, online video content will account for 74% of all online traffic.

Nowadays it seems that the only way we’re able to speak to each other is by hiding behind the colourful, filtered interfaces of Instagram and Snapchat, so marketers are turning more and more to video as a way of connecting. Our mission at WhiteNoise is to turn brands into publishers through the use of video content, helping to give your business a narrative rather than just posting meaningless content for the sake of it. Instead of banging your head against an advertising wall while all your future clients are busy watching 30-second ‘Galaxy Freckles’ tutorials, we can help you to be right in there, hashtags at the ready, tapping into the latest trends and the most valuable audiences.


We create moving picture content for brands and agencies, enabling them to reach key audiences that might not otherwise have paid attention. There are three main types of content: TV broadcast, online and user generated. Depending on where you want to position your brand, these can all created and shared across a platform that is relevant to you. Even just using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts the open rates by 19%. That’s how much people love it.






One of our favourite approaches is to create pieces of content which go hand in hand with each other – we love a behind the scenes video and a handful of teaser clips. A really cool example of this is the recent Missguided and Jourdan Dunn ‘#LONDUNNxMISSGUIDED‘ collaboration, which was drip-fed from their Instagram account over several weeks. The campaign has so far contained a mix of teaser videos, the final advert, behind the scenes footage and individual focus clips on each model. Features on the models were actually watched thousands more times than the original advert, showing that your audience really does care about what’s happening behind the scenes. They want to know more about your brand and how things were made, so that they can learn, be inspired and, ultimately, be closer to you.