‘The One Connection Between Man And Terrain’

Around 23% of the UK population own a mountain bike, and in 2016 16.9 million runs were uploaded to Strava. If you’re used to being physically and emotionally tested while sunlight cracks through the trees onto your mud-covered trainers, you might be familiar with the idea of using something more majestic than conventional footwear. In your world, running shoes are as indestructible as a car tyre. A Michelin car tyre.


Only one thing stands between you and the ground, and Michelin soles have facilitated a new type of footwear designed for endurance and adventure. Tailored for activities such as trail running and mountain biking, Michelin technical soles are inspired by their iconic vehicle tyres, and provide the same level of excellence.


WhiteNoise worked with Michelin to create a brand video for the Tyres to Soles story, which features on their dedicated footwear website sole-power.com. We took to the forest on a two-day shoot at the locations of Delamere Forest and Alderley Edge, filming a male and female model as they spent the days zipping around grass and mud and puddles. Unpredictable outdoor landscapes made rich woodland backdrops possible; the perfect setting for Michelin soles to demonstrate their durability.



For this one we brought out the big guns – on set was a 3DR drone which captured sweeping shots of the models against off-road terrain and (unusually) clear blue skies. In post production we used After Effects to create animations which would transform Michelin tyres into trainer soles, with motion graphics bringing the footage together into a video that will help you get a grip on this new concept.


Here is the final video:


And a look behind the scenes…

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