WhiteNoise Media continue to work with The Fragrance Shop, as the company launches a new mail subscription service designed to encourage customers to try new perfumes: scentaddict. Scentaddict will allow customers to ‘date fragrances before marrying them’, bolstering The Fragrance Shop’s 183-strong (and growing) national business.


Not only have The Fragrance Shop had the fortune of launching Missguided’s Babe Power – the fastest selling debut fragrance of 2017 – they also have seen success from top luxury releases such as Dior’s Sauvage.


The Fragrance Shop approached WhiteNoise Media to create a promotional online video for scentaddict, detailing how the subscription service works and illustrating the vast range of available fragrances.



Scentaddict works by allowing customers to choose fragrances they’re interested in sampling, which then arrive in an 8ml sample size through the post. If you find your perfume soul mate, you get a nice discount on the full sized bottle if you decide to commit. For impulsive beauty lovers this could be the perfect way to keep your cosmetics cabinet streamlined, as every month you can receive a different fragrance sample – keeping your scent fresh without leaving a pile of half-used bottles to go dusty once you get tired of the same old fragrance, day in, day out. Not only is this extremely convenient and cost-effective for those who like to mix up their beauty arsenal – it also means that you’ll never, ever get bored again.

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