We have been collaborating with B&M stores this year by creating the video content for their shiny new mobile app.


Our creative minds set to work to create a series of animated videos for B&M’s new app. This included a splash page as the app is opened and a promo video to explain the benefits of using the app. The 30-second promo vid uses a contemporary animation style and adopts the B&M brand colours, bringing 2D app screens to life to show how it will enhance the customer shopping experience.


Animated video is an engaging instrument and has been shown to increase conversion rates by an average of 20%. Users can have short attention spans and will only spend so much time before something else catches their eye. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, meaning animated videos evoke emotions that resonate with the viewers and spark conversations. 


Specific targeting is also a feature of the app, which includes personalisation based on your gender and interests, displaying relevant notifications and content tailored to each user. The video also highlights the search function and the interactive map to find your nearest store.


B&M Stores, (in case you hadn’t heard of them) are the UK’s leading general merchandise discount retailer with more than 500 stores across the country. They felt the need for the app as they have seen both their consumers and their stores grow over the years. Watch the app video here first:


The animation ends with call-to-action, encouraging viewers to download the app to their iOS or Android device.

Lee Holdsworth, WhiteNoise Media’s CEO, said: “When we were approached to help create animated video from such an amazing household brand like B&M stores, myself and the team were very excited to get started. We have since successfully delivered the first few projects and look forward to working with the team at B&M Stores in 2018.”

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