The Ultimate YouTube Playbook


This PlayBook is a go-to for brands, agencies and businesses to discover how you can achieve your business goals by connecting to fans that you may not have even know you had.


YouTube is one of the social platforms that’s been around the longest. It’s millions of users come from all over the world and its videos pan from everything from ‘cute animal compilations’ to ‘how to create a business’.



But these videos are only the starting point for YouTube, brands and advertisers that are doing it right have tapped into the huge potential this platform has. Viewers are already paying attention when watching YouTube videos so an advert is more likely to absorb in a viewers mind. But it isn’t just about adverts. It is about creating YouTube videos that people love to watch and share..


Meeting Customer Interests


First of all, be clear on your core messages, objectives and tone. Define what this is and your videos and customers will follow.


Once you know what your customer is interested in, it is easier to figure out what kind of video content they would relate to. A lot of the time, viewers watch videos on YouTube to uncover latest updates or ‘how-to’ instructions. Other times viewers watch to be inspired or to relax. Ensure your video meets or fulfills a need and you are off to the right start.


Creating Real Time videos


YouTube watchers are interested and engaged when a topic is relevant to what’s going on in the world today. By establishing a connection between real-time events and your video this encourages viewers to participate through contests and responses and will keep people coming back, creating loyal viewers.


By harnessing the hype around big events, occasions or news, it integrates your message into the hot topic on peoples lips.


Shell created a music video starring some of the worlds biggest pop stars including Jennifer Hudson to promote their cleaner energy solutions. Linking to the global conversation of addressing future energy challenges. On Top Of The World subsequently topped viral video charts and became one of the most viewed online videos of the year.



The right video for you


So you’ve gathered all your information and know what your video is going to involve. But which type of content is best for you?

  • One-off videos – these can be short and impactful
  • Longer form video – tells your brand story
  • Series of videos – keeps your viewers coming back for more



YouTube is a massively creative platform. Once you understand how to capture your audience’s attention through telling a relevant story, there is a never-ending amount of opportunities to kick start your brand on YouTube. The amount of creative possibilities available on YouTube simply aren’t possible on other platforms.


Need help with creating that perfect video?


At WhiteNoise, we can take care of all elements of the planning process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. For any element of video including live event streaming and innovative short videos to go alongside your campaign, you can be sure your video content is being looked after.