“Introducing the complete home intelligence system that will change the way you and your home interact forever”


Earlier this year, WhiteNoise were commissioned to create an online brand video for a new home intelligence system: Wondrwall. Launching this week, the product ‘gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself around the inhabitants’ personal preferences and habits’. As one of the most visionary technology products we’ve seen this year, we were excited to get our cameras stuck in.



Aiming to revolutionise the home, Wondrwall fuses modern design with cutting edge features to streamline your daily routine. Due to Wondrwall’s pioneering technology, once installed you will have full command of exactly how your home works; this can all be easily controlled through the touch of a button. The product will automate lighting and heating whilst providing state-of-the-art security and energy-saving capabilities. Motion tracking sensors and audio analytics will even pick up new activity in your home, alerting your mobile of any unusual occurrences. By using real-time intelligence it will also lower your energy bills and make you feel more secure in your own home.


We were able to try out the first ever fully functional Wondrwall home for a two-day shoot in Wilmslow, on our first collaboration with director Chris Gaffey. We’ve had our eye on Chris for a while – having enjoyed the visceral style of his previous productions we knew he’d be perfect to bring Wondrwall to life. Sophie Tozer and Craig Bieszke played the role of a couple living a day in the life of a Wondrwall home, with a very special guest appearance from Gracie the Italian greyhound.


Shot on the Sony FS7 and graded by Doug Garside, ‘A Day With Wondrwall’ is a beautiful film that illustrates how the product tailors itself around your unique habits.


Proud of being local, we were glad to be producing content for a Manchester-based company, using cast and crew from the North West. Although directing a dog isn’t so easy…

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