Emotion gets people talking. It gets people sharing. Which in today’s world, where a 1000 different brands are competing for our attention on so many different platforms, to make us stop scrolling even for 30 seconds to watch their Instagram video is a result.

Emotion plays an essential role in marketing. From that well-known department store that tugs at our heart strings every Christmas, to KFC’s most recent advert featuring a talking chicken that evoked uproar in the vegan and veggie world.




Big B2C businesses already know what they’re doing on this side of things. They have it all worked out. They know what makes their customers tick and continue to show this year on year. Their emotional advertising in multiple forms of communication is why consumers rarely stray from a big brand that they love.


If you don’t believe us, a study by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising found that ads with purely emotional content generated twice as much profit as ads based on rational content (31% vs. 16%).


What B2B companies may be forgetting is that they aren’t selling to businesses, they’re selling to people. People with feelings. Key findings have shown that if an advert is released that triggers serious emotions such as fear and sadness, this can deepen emotional relationships between brands and their audience. While lighter emotions like happiness and surprise drive positive brand image. Even if it is subconsciously.


B2B marketing departments all over the world need to reach their target markets’ decision makers. And this isn’t going to be done by a small paid ad or an email that immediately gets thrown into ‘junk’. This is done by creating videos and social content that leaves an impact on someone. That makes them go home and talk about it to their partners or friends. That makes them go to their boss and say ‘Hey have you seen this!?’


We are now at a point where we have at least two screens within a one meter radius of us while we are working, and if B2B adverts aren’t making a connection with their audience through popular channels, they could be missing out on their next big customer.


We’ll leave you with this ad from B2B tractor manufacturer Caterpillar, who show B2B businesses how it’s done. They have tapped into the distant memories of their customers by creating a fun video of tractors playing with Jenga, who could have thought selling giant pieces of machinery was this easy?


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