Michelin approached WhiteNoise Media to produce video content for the Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System, which would communicate the benefits of the product and also its ease of use.

The video will be used across social media, online channels, at B2B events and exhibitions.

Distributed by Fit2Go, Michelin’s Tyre Pressure Management System is a user-friendly, wireless device which improves tyre and consequently driver safety across most vehicle types – whether you’re driving a caravan, trailer or car, the windscreen receiver will automatically detect the tyre sensors and monitor information in real time. A separate pressure checker also allows you to measure tyre pressure anywhere, at any time.

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to accidents, blowouts, increased fuel consumption and decreased tyre life, so this Michelin device offers a simple and reliable way of saving tyres, saving money – and even saving lives. Anti-theft technology means the sensors can remain on the wheels, ensuring that tyre data is effortlessly monitored and any changes are flagged with a warning light on the receiver.

Lee Holdsworth, CEO of WhiteNoise Media, said: “Michelin is a globally renowned brand so it’s always fun to work with them on creative projects. The Tyre Pressure Management System is a versatile product so we wanted to illustrate this with different scenarios – we covered everything from a regular family car through to a horse box and trailer. We also included some drone footage for additional visual quality.”

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