Who’s the cringiest person you know?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, LateRooms.com approached us to create a series of videos around the concept of ‘Fake News’ for their #GetARoom campaign, giving viewers the chance to win vouchers for LateRooms.


We all know that one couple that we feel a bit uncomfortable around because they show too much PDA (Public Displays of Affection, if you didn’t know). Doesn’t sound familiar? Then it’s probably you. PDA is an problem sweeping the nation, and together with WhiteNoise, LateRooms had a good idea to name and shame these culprits.


LateRooms played on the ‘PDA Epidemic’ by launching a campaign to encourage their social followers and viewers to submit photographic ‘evidence’ of PDA with the hashtag #GetARoom. Cringeworthy photos and videos of PDA were flying around the social-sphere, creating a whole lot of user generated content (UGC). 


86% of businesses are utilising UGC as part of their marketing strategy. Not only that, but UGC campaigns bring 29% higher conversions than those without it. By utilising Valentine’s Day to create this content, LateRooms users remained engaged with the campaign.

Epitomising the ‘Fake News’ era, we created five videos for the #GetARoom campaign, in which a news reporter encourages viewers to share their cringeworthy images.  

With 5 different videos in the series, including full length versions created for YouTube and 60 second versions for social, the series has so far generated over 40,000 views and counting. 


Lee Holdsworth, CEO and founder of WhiteNoise Media says:

“We are very excited to be working with award-winning company LateRooms. By working with us, we put their ideas on to paper and built a series of engaging videos for social platforms. The fast growing world of increasing online engagement means companies need to create fast, consumable content that entertains and engages their customers, and this is what we have achieved with LateRooms’.


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