Storytelling has always been essential in the world of marketing. Brands have acknowledged storytelling as one of the most powerful ways to create life in a brand and to build a relationship with consumers. But the storytelling we once knew is changing as social media is more prevalent in our daily lives.


This new wave of storytelling first came to light on social media with “stories” on Snapchat. Instagram closely followed and now Facebook, WhatsApp and Youtube have all jumped on the bandwagon.


“Stories” will be impossible for marketers to ignore in the coming year as it has become a staple of the social media world. The mobile generation has meant stories create FOMO in a viewers mind and consumers are more likely to watch because they are afraid they will miss something interesting.


Social media Stories are a way for brands to connect with their audience in a fresh, new and authentic way.


Ingredients for storytelling 

  1. Story goal – What do you want?
  2. Antagonism – What stands in the way?
  3. Stakes – Why does it matter?
  4. Story climax – Where does it go?
  5. Emotional resolution – What values are expressed?


And most of all, make it simple. 


Consumers in todays fast-paced world don’t want to sit for more than about 3 seconds watching a video or a story. 3 seconds counts as one view on most social networks (apart from Youtube – that’s 10). So the stories you are creating need to be impactful.

Data from Facebook and Nielsen shows that 47% of the value of a video campaign actually comes from the first 3 seconds of a video, which shows every second really does count.


It doesn’t have to cost a million pounds. 


Moving GIFs and boomerangs can be extremely eye-catching on a news feed and they are easy to do in-house without any fancy gadgets or tools. Making a statement with these across your social networks can really make an impact. And with Instagram recently adding GIFs to their stories with their new update.


How we can help..


If you want a piece of the action, we can help. Our data first approach lets you base creative on data and algorithms from the biggest platforms in the world. Meaning videos are relatable and relevant to your consumers.


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