Video is already an absolute must-have for brands with a story to tell, but there’s more to video content than just a pretty face.


Next month the biggest supermarkets will go head to head in the war of the Christmas adverts, pumping in around £5.6bn and battling cute animals and heartwarming stories on the frontline, the winners to be talked about again the next November. What makes these mammoth ads so anticipated every year? They pull the nation’s heartstrings.


Emotion is the most powerful tool to persuade your customers to act on your offering, and video is the most powerful tool to evoke that.


Studies show that customers make their choices based on emotions when it comes to brands, and loyalty comes from how they feel about a brand. Using video to tell an
emotional story allows viewers to build a personal connection with your brand, as John Lewis has managed to do each Christmas.



Not only does visual storytelling allow viewers to relate and feel something, it also gives your customer confidence in you. The relationship between your brand and your customer is one based on trust and honesty. Think of it like online dating: you see a photo of someone who looks great, they sound really cool on their profile, but when it comes to the date they are nothing like you expected. That’s how customers can sometimes feel about buying products online.


Over half of web surfers agree that companies that use video to present their products and services are more reliable than those that don’t use video. Watching how a product works increases the likelihood that they will buy it and projects the image that you are a business ready to provide useful information to your customers. If your customer can see the product in action, they know exactly what to expect. And if you are confident enough to show the product in a video then your customers will put their trust in you.


In terms of analytics, having a video on your website means that a user will spend more time on it, they are 10 times more likely to share a video than a link, and adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. The figures prove it: you need video content.

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