We’d like to share our latest music video project with you. Created for Manchester band Yes Lad, the video is drenched in neon light and contains everything from an 8-year-old rapper to a real life drag queen, with the intention of subverting their ‘boyband’ image and bringing them into 21st century cool.

After the success of their second single ‘Something More’, directed by WhiteNoise Media, Yes Lad approached us once again to work with them on the music video for their third single: NADA.


If you don’t already know who they are (where have you been), Yes Lad are a group of five young guys from the North West. Back in 2016 they appeared on the X Factor and since then they’ve been doing a steady climb up the music industry ladder.


So, on a cold winters morning in February, we filmed the music video to ‘NADA’ in a funky, mansion club in the middle of Manchester.


Footage was shot on green screen, with visual effects and bright colour backgrounds added in post. Shots were transformed to look like Super 8 camera footage, paying homage to retro videography. The grade was done in Da Vinci Resolve, enhancing the pink and blue neon colour wash for a very stylised look.


Lee Holdsworth, founder and CEO of WhiteNoise explains how he came up with the creative for the video.

“This is the second time we have worked with Nigel and the boys from Yes Lad, they have loads of energy and make the process filming a music video lots of fun.”

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Nigel Martin-Smith, manager of Yes Lad and former manager of Take That said:

Yes Lad are getting more and more fans with their uplifting electro dance sound and Nada is going down well on the radio. We wanted a video that would stand out from the rest and I think we have achieved that. I am based in Manchester and I always try to use Northern companies where possible. WhiteNoise have done a great job.

NADA is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. You can watch the final video here, and see what happened behind the scenes below. It’s bound to be stuck in your head as soon as you hear it.


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