With new brands popping up every day, it’s hard to break through the market in a sector that may already be extremely cluttered with ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ ideas. Up and coming, disruptive brands are few and far between as the big brands already dominate with clever ideas and big marketing budgets. What does it take to get there?

From travel to fashion, brands such as Amazon and AirBnb are slowly but surely showing how applying a successful business model to a series of verticals works incredibly well. Consumers like change and are always looking for the next big thing. A Nielsen Report found 63% of consumers globally like it when manufacturers offer new products.

Entering the market and offering something different or interesting wins customers. Amazon’s recent roll out of its own private label clothing brands is dominating the US fashion market and taking over large department stores such as Macy’s. How do they do it?




Disruption means convenience, and convenience leads to brands becoming a necessity in consumers’ daily lives, becoming household names. Uber has already done this and holds 77% of the US taxi market. However, it’s quick rise up the market has lead to a lot of downfalls, including having to reassuring customers of their security. Other taxi apps have now taken this as an advantage to disrupt the market. Mytaxi, for example, is re-entering the market in the hope to distinguish itself from competitors like Uber by tailoring its app to fit each country. MyTaxi also joins members with one another to save money and create safer journeys.



Meeting Customer Needs

In an increasingly fast consumer moving market, meeting customer needs is essential. By predicting what your customer’s next step will be, you can become a brand that others look towards for innovation. Spotting opportunities and tailoring your marketing to consumers that have the need for your product leads to a greater brand awareness and positioning.


Data-Driven Marketing

At WhiteNoise, we use digital insights and perspectives to influence the creative direction of your assets. We apply meaningful data to every stage in your content-creation process to ensure you are really reaching your target audience and understanding those oh-so important customer needs. 


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