Facebooks F8 conference gives us an insight into what’s to come in the future for  Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and other social media platforms.

Privacy was high on the agenda:

Top of priorities was the announcement of Clear History – like clearing cookies on a browser but specifically for Facebook. Untying you from any apps you have granted permission to previously. However, Zuckerberg has said this COULD affect your user experience on the platform.


Integrating languages:

M Translations‘ will enable conversations between people by encouraging diversity. It works by translating messages in Messenger so people can chat in different languages easier. Facebook will also use its language technologies to identify negative and SPAM content, saying it is a top priority of theirs to remove this. 

Changing the dating game:

After Mark Zuckerberg posted a ‘success story’ of a couple who had found each other on Facebook, he has now launched a dating service. This new feature lets users that opt-in to dating to connect with one another and see what events potential dates are attending. Watch out, Tinder.


Group Video chat:

Instagram is soon to follow Faceboo’s footsteps and will have a video chat feature. Users will be able to have both one-on-one and group chats on the app. F8 also announced the addition of group video chats to WhatsApp (as if we don’t use WhatsApp enough already).


3D Photos:

This feature will allow users to capture 3D photos on Facebook and connect experiences you have had in the past on Facebook to this image, showing how images and videos are increasingly taking over text or copy. But will this make Facebook too similar to Instagram?


Customer-to-Business chatting:

Business will now be able to chat with their customer directly from its homepage, making the experience with brands more streamlined than ever before. Companies will then be able to approach customers again after the chat has ended.



And finally, Facebook are making it easier for companies to reach customers. By creating AR camera effects and AR experiences in Messenger, customers will be able to learn about, try on and customise products at a deeper level. For example, Kia will give people looking to buy a car the chance to customise and look inside the new Kia Stinger.


Watch the full video of Mark Zuckerberg and other facebook leaders explaining new features below:


F8 2018 Day 1 Keynote

Hear from Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders on Facebook's latest technology and innovation.

Posted by Facebook for Developers on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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