Another week, another client win, making 2018 our strongest year since we formed in 2014. This week it’s Lancashire Farm, a natural yoghurt company. And we’re super excited to be adding something extra special to their brand campaign. 


Lancashire Farm approached us to deliver their first digitally driven marketing campaign. This will involve creating regular video content for the brand, including online social clips and a TV commercial later in the year. We were keen to get involved and work with a local brand that shares the same values as us. 


The videos, which will be focussed on the creation of an animated brand character, will be used to raise brand awareness for Lancashire Farm. We already have a lot of ideas in the pipeline but this character is likely to be the next meerkat from The content will be planned from start to end by us and will link the animated character to current news topics.


Brand characters bring brands to life and represent a brands personality or identity. Human characteristics in an animal add fun and playfulness to a brand, potentially reaching a new audience. When Compare the Meerkat launched their mascot their website received more than 700,000 visitors a month, with Aleksandr the Meerkat having almost 900,000 Facebook fans.


Brand mascots create a hype around brands and bring higher engagement on social. It makes a brand easy to remember and recognise against competitors. Putting you ahead of the game, which was Lancashire Farm aim.


Lancashire Farm are a company that sells yoghurt made with natural ingredients and locally-sourced milk. Founded in 1984, their products range from strawberry fat-free yoghurt to soured cream.


Jack Morrison, brand manager at Lancashire Farm says:

“Over the last several years the brand has enjoyed fantastic growth, establishing itself as a key challenger within the category. For the latest chapter within our journey we were looking for a partner to deliver a strong creative concept. I couldn’t be more pleased to be saying we’ve found that in WhiteNoise. We can’t wait for what’s to come and see it come to fruition.”


Lee Holdsworth, CEO & Founder at WhiteNoise Media says:

“We are thrilled to be working with such a leading household brand like Lancashire Farm. The team at WhiteNoise are looking forward to getting started by creating a lead character for the brand. The character will coincide with the launch of a digital-first campaign which will follow on to a TV advert, and will be underpinned by our new AI driven system, Behavioural.”


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