Todays consumer is increasingly curious. Armed with a smartphone in hand at all times, search queries are on the rise, with things like toothpaste searches and water bottle searches up 165% in the past two years.

With ever increasing searches, search results are also becoming more and more competitive. Brands are paying anything up to £50 for keywords such as Insurance and Loans. We are obsessed with the now, which means constantly looking for consumers data to feed into our video adverts to make them more personalised.


Brands have the challenge of figuring out how to do more with shorter attention spans. Every day it gets easier for a company to pop up to compete with your product, making it cheaper or better, so creating a memorable campaign can be the key to get ahead.


This is the start of a hyper revolution in which consumers have an unprecedented amount of choice and control than they have ever had before. We are moving from mass marketing to focusing on specific wants and needs.

With this in mind, is it any surprise that interactive advertising is pushing out on top on so many platforms? Keeping viewers engaged with fun content can raise brand perception and awareness.


Brands who do it well:


Take Volkswagen for example, this video ad prompted viewers to download an app to take your phone for a ‘test drive’ along a road fold out of magazines:



Reebok is another brand that showed how interactive advertising works. They installed a speed camera and a shoe display in the centre of a town in Sweden and told people whoever ran past the display fastest would get a free pair of shoes. Clever, huh? Attracting consumers to a shop and encouraging them to participate in a campaign:



Although these are big brands, it is easy to create effective interactive ads with existing assets, or with video assets created for other ad types. Interactive ads have the potential to turn a short video into a long user experience, with the average interactive ad gaining 47% more viewing time with consumers.

Engaging content can be few and far between, but creating videos like this can get consumers really talking and sharing your content.


If the idea of implementing an ad like this is daunting, or if you want to get started with a digital campaign to refresh your brand, we can help.

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