According to Business Insider, 2017’s Cyber Monday saw mobile internet’s first $2 billion dollar day. This year, it could be bigger than ever.


We are becoming more adept at hunting deals online. Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with that; you can skip queues, not worry about traffic and shop in your pyjamas from the comfort of your bed.


However, from the digital marketer’s perspective it might be not such a good thing. Retailers need to do more than just show up to Cyber Monday if they want to get in on the action. This means that not only do you have to plan and promote your deals in advance (see Amazon’s Black Friday sale that allowed premium users to access deals prior to everyone else); you also need to ensure that these deals can compete with everyone else effectively. To do that you need to align your digital strategy with shifting consumer demands. You need to be able to pinpoint their needs and target them effectively.


What does your customer want: is it convenience? Competitive prices? Great shopping experience? Answering those questions will definitely help you stand out from your competitors.


Of course, if you stumbled across this article today it’s probably too late to plan your deals. Thankfully it’s still Monday and you can still make adjustments that will help to put you on the radar.

  • Use the mobile Facebook Ads Manager app to add banners and sale stickers to your ads.
  • Make sure your customers have the best shopping experience by running a Speed Test on your website. This will help you see if your website is lagging.
  • Use websites such as Canva to create templates for your Instagram Stories or Feed. The more activity you show on your Social Media feeds, the more exposure you get.




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