Did you know that approximately 65% of the population are visual learners? Of course you did, you’re in the media industry. Then you must agree that the best format for consumer engagement is video. So let’s take a nice deep look into some of the different ways your business can use video to improve product awareness and user experience.


1. Product Videos:

These are the Holy Grail to your website. Potential customers are either going to be turned on or off based on what they see here. The content must be clear and pertinent with the runtime not exceeding 5 minutes. What is your product and what does it do? These are especially valuable if your product or service is more abstract or complicated. Here’s a nice example, which explains how our digital marketing service Behavioural works. Behavioural sounds confusing if you’re not familiar with social, and so we’ve simplified it in a way that (hopefully) makes a little more sense:


2. Onboarding Videos:

This is your chance to make a good first impression on your new customers. At this point they’re looking to develop a more thorough understanding of your product and all its features. so this video needs to be information-heavy, but remember not to be boring. Get creative! Throw in some memes and cat videos if you have to! We’re looking of a length of around 5-10 minutes, and the production may take a few days but this is an important stage in the buyer’s attention span.


3. Explainer Videos:

Focusing mainly on existing customers, these videos generally offer how-to guides and solutions to problems. Say you’re having trouble with some new software, would you rather spend the next half hour reading through articles or boot up a quick YouTube video? The production time for these videos may take a day or so, but then you have it forever and the content will help multiple users. A solution which saves time on both ends and keeps your inbox from overloading with customer queries.


4. Testimonial Videos:

An account of first hand experiences with your product. Have you ever made a large purchase without first checking out consumer reviews? Let’s face it, it’s just in our nature to check what other humans think first. We trust testimonial videos because we trust other customers who are in the same boat. Production time can take a day or so, depending on whether you have to travel to interview the consumer(s) or request footage be sent to you. Bare in mind if you have a film crew at your disposal the footage will share the same style as your usual brand aesthetic. Here’s one we did for Sci-U clinic, with a very happy customer showing off her glowing skin:


5. Social Teasers:

Having videos on your website is all well and good, but what about Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Get yourself out there! Become one of those pop-up ads that know more about us than our own friends. Now this is where content is really important. You’re targeting an audience who aren’t explicitly looking for your product right now. Their guard is down and you need to capture their attention and keep it for at least a few seconds, so within this small timeframe you need to get your message across. It doesn’t need to be too in-depth but it does need to be entertaining. If you can invoke an emotional response then all the better. These videos are meant to tease the viewer into wanting to know more. Catch their attention with an interesting snippet of what you have to offer, then reel them in with the urge to know more. And don’t forget the portrait version for Stories! Here’s our Insta story to promote a taster menu for Manchester House:



So now that you’re armed with some know-how, get over here and let’s get planning! We’re here to help, just get in touch here.