Written by Euan Stubbs 

Digital Director 

Over the past week we have seen the devastation the current Covid-19 pandemic has had on people and businesses. It has undoubtedly created uncertainty at a level that nobody has experienced before.

As we all spend more time in physical isolation, our focus is very much on health rather than work, and rightly so. Once the main priorities are taken care of from a family and business point of view, there is an important period that will be vital to not only the future of your business but the ability for the economy to recover.

Coined from the classic Lovejoy & Chamberlain era of Soccer AM the period we are entering is the period of #Bouncebackability. As a business community many welcomed government funding for both wages and to help businesses with costs during the crisis. While over the coming days and weeks additional measures will surely continue to be announced we look at how you as a business can be planning for the bounce back period. 

So here’s our checklist of what you can be doing during this time of uncertain

1) Evaluate Data and Optimise Digital Landscapes 

We work in many industries including hospitality and one of the challenges in any year is having the opportunity to fine tune customer journeys, update web journeys and use data to implement solutions that will increase conversion and average order value. This crisis presents an opportunity to really get into the data and start to develop solutions to drive business once this period ends. The ability to bounce back (#bouncebackability) will mean making the most of every potential customer and delivering best in class experiences. 

2) Switching Up Your Objective

While now may not be the time to push conversions for products/services directly impacted by COVID-19, taking a step back up the funnel promoting brand awareness or consideration is a logical step. Doing this will allow brands to continue to stay top of mind. By increasing potential net new users at the top of the funnel, and expand retargeting opportunities once the outbreak dies down. Budgets can be lower than usual but spend will ensure that awareness and consideration targets can be achieved and when your ready will reduce costs once the conversion campaigns are ready to go live. 


3) Build Out New Channels and formats 

New channels and formats may seem a hassle when business is busy and sticking with tried and tested channels and formats can be something everyone does but you can use this time to launch channels and new formats. For example you would have to be living under a rock not to notice the current Tik Tok craze. While businesses have dipped a toe and asked about how they use the channel this period gives you the opportunity to create and test these channels while daily users are using the platform more than ever. 

Have you tried Facebook Offer Ads yet? While most small to medium businesses may not consider this the time to start testing new ad units on Facebook, this tool could be exactly what’s needed to still promote products or services to consumers while allowing them to save it for later.Offer Ads come with a handy feature allowing the viewer to save the offer shown in the ad for a later date. In doing this, the user opts-in to Facebook’s notification system that will send a push reminding he/she about the saved promotion. While these ads aren’t available on Instagram, they are available on the Facebook Newsfeed through website traffic or conversion campaigns.

4) Update and engage with your messaging 

As you’ve probably all seen, updating messaging to let consumers know that your brand is not only up to date with the latest ways to stay safe but is also sympathetic to those dealing with COVID-19 is the way to go. Consumers are more likely to continue purchasing from your brand if they know what you’re doing to keep your staff, your store and your products safe.

It’s Important to communicate through the period the businesses that keep a presence will be the ones who will bounce back. 


5)  Authenticity 

Customers may not want to see ads in times of heightened panic. Stay true to your brand voice while recognising that people have legitimate concerns. Offer solutions in a way that shows compassion and care. At a time when people are feeling isolated, pull out of areas which aren’t driving results and reinvest in online channels that can make your customers feel connected.

6). Short Term focus will hurt your #Bouncebackability

Some businesses are focusing too heavily on the short-term, taking aggressive measures and reallocating all of Q1 ad spend to later in the year. This can have a negative impact on momentum and audience retention.

Social media usage is peaking right now as people seek news updates and want to stay connected with loved ones. Brands that maintain a healthy online presence and use tasteful messaging (that doesn’t try to capitalize on COVID-19) will stay top of mind with consumers.

Changes in User Behaviour on Social

Key takeaway: Consumers seem to be spending more time on site, and while they are seeing strong engagement with COVID-19 related content, this is part of broader increase in consumption. Users are engaging with more content than normal as a direct result of increased time on site.

If you want to know more on what your business can do during this time to ensure you have Bouncebackability then why not get in touch and we would be happy to offer you some advice.