‘Never forget. They are ALIVEINUS. More than just clothing.’

Aliveinus comissioned WhiteNoise to provide a series of online social videos for the launch of their latest collection.

WhiteNoise worked with Aliveinus to create a video series for their new clothing collection, to be sold on ASOS.
Shot around Manchester’s iconic Northern Quarter, with its quirky graffiti backdrops, we followed our model through alleyways and around the city’s coolest location.

To bring Calum’s image to life we took to the streets of Manchester, along with model Matt York, to create something special for him. We based our filming locations around the Northern Quarter, down intricate, fun, quirky streets, alleys and even on top of car parks to convey the ethos Calum so strongly believed in. During the shoot we had exclusive access to the new designs and clothing Calum is so excited to be releasing this summer.

We used the following platforms to run this campaign