A household name and an international client, we are proud to have Michelin on our client list. WhiteNoise have worked with Michelin on several promotional videos, the first being the launch of high performance sports footwear; the latest being their Tyre Pressure Management System. As one of the world’s most iconic brands, it was an honour to work with Michelin to firstly launch them into the footwear market; and secondly to promote their latest automotive accessory.

WhiteNoise Media produced the video for Michelin’s new venture – footware, and also the creative for the launch of the Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System, which would communicate the benefits of the product and also its ease of use.

For the footwear video, a 3DR drone was used. In post-production, animations were used to transform Michelin tyres into outsoles for shoes, creating a video that will help audiences to get a grip on this new concept.

To promote the Tyre Pressure Management System, the video created was used across social media, online channels, at B2B events and exhibitions.

We used the following platforms to run this campaign