Missguided are all about making a bold statement. Pastel hair, unicorn accessories, Millennial hues – this is a brand that knows the latest trend before it’s even hit Instagram. So it’s no surprise, then, that Babe Power was the fastest selling fragrance of summer 2017 – and we were there to bring the launch to digital life. WhiteNoise were commissioned to create a promotional video for the launch of Babe Power, using a mixture of event video footage, animated typography, babe-filled imagery and, of course, Pamela Anderson.

Social impressions at launch

To promote their debut perfume, Missguided wanted a promotional video that would stand out against their competitors at the launch event, showcasing the brand’s core values: slay that bank balance, and make every outfit count.

We successfully created and implemented the video for Babe Power which was the biggest selling fragrance of the year.


We used the following platforms to run this campaign