Wondrwall fuses modern design with cutting-edge features to streamline your daily routine. WhiteNoise provided full video production and post-production for the Wondrwall hero video project, filming on location in a house with a fully integrated Wondrwall system.

We were able to try out the first ever fully functional Wondrwall home for a two-day shoot in Wilmslow, with a very special guest appearance from Gracie the Italian greyhound. Shot on the Sony FS7, ‘A Day With Wondrwall’ is a beautiful film that illustrates how the product tailors itself around your unique habits.

The video is a ‘day in the life of’ moving picture for Wondrwall to show their intelligent system in action. In post-production, we used striking cinematography and colour grading to really communicate its quality. It will feature as Wondrwall’s website homepage overlay and across social channels.